Euros Marine Services & Supply Serving Ships Passing Suez Canal or Calling Any Egyptian Ports Impa & Issa qualified work Began operating in the late 2007s as a general ship supplier and marine contractor and has become one of Egypt leading general ship supplier.

We’re able to serve the maritime industry all over Egypt with ((quality & packing wise)) in the shortest time possible to meet the maximum client’s satisfaction and to keep our office reputation the highest as usual, reliable service 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Having at our disposal impa and issa catalogs we can easily find what you are looking for and we guarantee the customer the highest quality standards at competitive prices

Our strong Point for development and improvements to be succeed Organizational and strategic coordination for supply chain management how to flow goods and services from point of origin to point of consumption at the lowest possible cost with transparency and high quality.

We specialize in the supply of fresh, dry provisions, bonded, deck, engine, cabin stores, chemical products, safety equipment’s, B. A. charts, nautical publications, forwarding spare parts and custom clearance.

We Serving Ships Passing Suez Canal